J String!

A Saudi Woman's Voice

J String!

I hate to disappoint my readers because my article is not going to be about the you-know-what string! The string that you are thinking of doesn’t exist in my dictionary because I’m a good girl, and because I don’t like people who have dirty minds. So get that G-string out of your head and focus on my J-string. Assumingly, you’ve formed a negative idea about me from the words above, and that’s where the J-string starts. It starts in our minds, develops in our minds according to our limited understanding, and then spreads to the whole society as if it were the bare truth.  Judging others after having very few encounters with them is our aching habit. It’s like a string of misleading interpretations of others; every off-putting judgment leads to another, which makes our lives a series of unfair first impressions.  Unfortunately, the problem is exasperated when…

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